On this page, I will be posting each of my publications as time goes on. You’ve come early, so I don’t have many… in fact, I only have one.

Achieving DOD CMMC Level 3 in an 8(a) Business

This was my thesis when working on my M.S. Cybersecurity, Cyberterrorism. It provides all of the technical requirements to meet CMMC Level 3 from what I see. This was based off of Draft v0.6. While some members from a variety of backgrounds have found it helpful, it has not been proven through a CMMC certification obtained from it (of course), so use it only as a resource to get there. However, we are now on CMMC 2.0 and it is so drastically changed, this thesis lacks a lot of the required detail. My best guidance is: Focus on NIST 800-171. If you're compliant with NIST 800-171 including the NFO controls, you'll probably be fine with CMMC 2.