About Me

I'm Cody Dostal, just another guy who is passionate about Cybersecurity, holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity and a Master of Business Administration, and lives in Maryland. I work for Broadleaf-inc as a Lead Information Security Engineer.

My M.S. Cybersecurity thesis was Achieving DOD CMMC Level 3 in an 8(a) Business. My thesis covered how a Small Business (SMB) can become compliant with the Department of Defense's new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), up to level 3. It covered only the technical controls, and not any managerial or operational controls, nor any policies. At this point, it is so drastically out of date to be most unusable.

I hold several certifications in the field. I hold CISSP, CEH, and Security+. I also hold Network+.

About the Blog

This blog is just a place for me to share ramblings on Cybersecurity and System Administration topics. I don't guarantee that I'm accurate on anything, I don't guarantee I'm the most knowledgeable guy you'll ever read from. There are people who know far more than me, and I'll defer almost anything to them unless I'm confident I'm right (although, who knows if I'll ever talk to them!), but hope I can impart some kind of knowledge through my ramblings.

I don't plan to ever make money from this, so as of this moment I don't plan to introduce required paid subscriptions or limit content based on if you pay for it or not. I do have donation tiers if you're interested in just donating to help cover costs for running this blog and to just show the content is good, but I don't ever plan to make payments required. I'd rather just share what I do know to whoever is interested in reading.

I do use Analytics for the website as well. However, I use a privacy focused analytics tool, Plausible Analytics. In the interest of transparency, I have made the dashboard publically visible at the following link: https://plausible.io/codydostal.com/

If you have comments on my posts, you can call me out on Mastodon, LinkedIn, Discord, or anywhere else. You can message me directly on Matrix and tell me how wrong I was. I welcome people calling me out on things I am wrong about. I prefer it be done politely, but it is what it is. You can reach out using any method on my Contact page.