Thanks for wanting to get in touch with me! There are a number of ways to reach out, but only a few ways where I’m likely to respond. I’ll usually respond to any email as long as I have the time, so feel free to reach out. However, keep in mind that I am not looking for any new position at this time unless it is as an Adjunct Professor, so I will not accept any requests for interviews.


Matrix is a method I really enjoy and is easy to message me on. Just join any Matrix homeserver (or build one yourself!) and you can message me on Matrix, which is End-to-End encrypted as well.

Email: [email protected]

This is the easiest way to reach out to me.

Mastodon: @[email protected]

I recently deleted my Twitter account after the purchase of Elon and his celebration of the removal of some of the employees. I moved to the instance of Mastodon, and will be sharing all of my future content there. Keep in mind, this is my personal Mastodon, so while much of it will be infosec related, you're likely to see non-infosec stuff there too.

LinkedIn: dostalcody

My background is covered extremely well here. This is far more up to date than any resume I will provide. When it comes time to polish my resume, I come here. I primarily accept connections from people who I know, or other people in the security field. However, I regularly purge connections and if I don’t know you well enough, you’ll probably be removed.

Facebook: dostalcody

This is my personal Facebook account. You won’t get accepted as a friend unless I personally know you. There also isn’t anything published publicly (for the most part), so don’t expect much here.


Since I always have my mobile phone with me, I’m likely open to chats on Signal. However, since you won’t have my phone number unless you know me personally, you really can’t contact me here.


If you need a very secure method to message me, you can reach out on Session. My Session ID is: 0599bf590a4c2fd14effe75f462e86b62d95f5ef9576d8a2801e3b266752691f0e

What I won't respond to

  • I do not accept guest-posts.
  • I do not promote infographics unless I personally find them useful.
  • I do not link to products unless I personally find them useful. Feel free to reach out to me with your product, but be prepared that the coverage I provide may not be what you hope for, as I will be painfully honest in my review of your product, even if it is not positive.
  • If it is something political, and it is not related to Cybersecurity, I will not comment on it.