Migrations of Software

Hi everyone!

I've recently decided to do a few migrations on some personal stuff that I run. I'm just making a quick post about what I moved to and from, and why.


I recently moved my email on this domain from Google Gsuite to ProtonMail. The primary driver behind this was the increased security provided by ProtonMail. I am very impressed with their security measures, and the fact that I am able to integrate my PGP key in their webmail. Google is known for their questionable privacy practices, and I was looking for a new provider because of that. I've always been a huge fan of self-hosting, but one thing I had no interest in self-hosting was email. Google was my immediate go-to, but once I learned that I could use a custom domain with ProtonMail, it was an instant switch.


For a while now, I've been self-hosting an instance of bitwarden-rs to hold all of my passwords. But several things drove me to find a cloud provider for that.

  1. If my home server (which is an older server) was to die, I would be locked out of everything. I don't know my passwords for anything. This is far too large of a problem for me to be worried about.
  2. Whenever I'd try to unlock the Bitwarden extension (across multiple computers), it would tell me that I had an Invalid Master Password, even though I was 100% sure it was correct. Logging out and then logging back in to the Bitwarden extension would make it work. Just a frustration that I might have fixed if I had the time.
    I've used 1Password in the past, and I decided to go with them again over competitors like LastPass and Dashlane just because of that experience. I've used LastPass also, but just liked 1Password more.


You have probably noticed, I've moved my blog/site from Wordpress to Ghost. The primary driver for this was to try and get back to why I made this site, to be a blog. Wordpress has become far more than a blogging platform, and I found myself playing more with the other features than blogging. So I decided to try and get back into blogging by forcing myself onto a platform where the primary focus is blogging.

Cody Dostal

Cody Dostal